Sunshine & Rainbows


Monkey and I have settled into our new home in Los Angeles and are enjoying every moment of the balmy November weather.  Have I been judge-y of Angelenos who wear puffy vests and Uggs when the temperature turns a frigid 65 degrees?  Maybe.  But then a ray of warm sunshine hits my face and I forget all about those people with thin blood.  (Is that a real thing?  Does your blood actually thin if you live in warmer climates?  Must use interwebs to find out.)

Enough about the weather – let’s focus on some of the other things that make LA such a liveable place: Trader Joe’s found everywhere with no ungodly long lines; hiking trails here, there and everywhere; driving apps that figure out the quickest route so you can avoid road raging; friendly neighbors who verge on nosy but hey, they’ll know if someone is breaking into your apartment to steal your underwear (this has actually occurred before, in a bizarre land known as Burbank); farmers markets are year-round; CVS and Walgreens sell booze; Monkey has become friends with a Pekingese named Tina; I can finally buy in bulk y’all!

Here is a shot of our street, one morning after a rainstorm.  Double rainbow!