It’s That Time of Year



Snow!  Mmmm…snow.  It tastes good, right?  I don’t suggest you try city snow (unless it’s falling straight from the sky into your mouth), but country snow is delicious.  Snow angels are overrated but snowball fights (body shots only people) and building snowmen are great fun.  I dream of big snow storms that quiet the landscape and keep people indoors and cars off the roads.  My favorite type of snow is the dry powdery kind that crunches underfoot and sparkles when the sun hits it.

A few years ago while I was visiting my parents in the mountains in northern California, an unexpected snowstorm hit and dropped a foot of powder.   My mother and I were up late playing cards and around midnight decided to go outside and build a snowman.  I should mention that my mother is normally sound asleep by 10pm, so it was quite something to see her out in the dark woods, laughing and grunting while rolling up a huge snowball that would become his lower body.  Our snowman was a masterpiece!  He was quite tall, with twig arms fashioned from pine branches, my dad’s old fishing hat, black rocks for buttons and eyes, and a wooly scarf for his snowy neck.  The next morning we took a picture of him and sent it in to the local paper and it made the front page…which tells you a lot about how small the town is.  We were very proud of him, and I was happy to spend that snowy evening outside with my mom in the quiet of the mountains.  I ate some good snow that night.

If anyone knows of edible snow spots in the city, hook a girl up.