Beautiful October Day


Today was a perfect Fall day, so Monkey and I headed to the park to bask in the last warming rays of sunshine. As we lay on a blanket, a gaggle of honking geese flew overhead and landed in the river nearby.  Then came a gaggle of helicopters.  Or are they called a flock?  Yes, a flock of helicopters.

I watched the clouds roll slowly by while my dog kept watch over the squirrels and pigeons, lest they wander into snacking range (they are almost the same size as she is and would most likely eat her, but that does not deter her from dreaming big). I could do an entire blog on cloud watching.  It is a lost pastime!  As a kid I cloud-watched all the time, which may explain my low IQ and the ease with which I tune out during business meetings.  Can you imagine the response today if you asked a kid to just lay on the grass and look at the sky?  After about six seconds they would be asking for a Gameboy/cell phone/iPad/TV/Happy Meal.

Enjoy the rest of the Fall, y’all!




Scent Trapper Keeper


Elevators are like big scent-trapping boxes.  The odors left behind by people linger for quite some time — at least through two full up and down cycles and five openings and closings.  The elevators where I live are full of far more interesting smells than the ones in my office building.  Perhaps those have better air ventilation to suck out any trace of scent left by passengers.  I enjoy stepping into my residence’s empty elevator and getting a whiff of citrus shampoo or cafe mocha.  On occasion I’ve smelled my friend’s (and neighbor’s) cologne after he’s left for work in the morning — a scent I know well because I also wear it.

Recent aromas from the elevator:

  • French fries
  • Cologne/perfume
  • Pizza
  • Cigarettes
  • Wet dog
  • Dirty socks
  • Alcohol (can you imagine how drunk someone must be to leave the smell of booze behind?)
  • Coffee
  • Goulash (goulash and dirty socks are very similar)
  • Farts
  • Garbage
  • Orange peel

Of course, there are also odors to be sniffed when there are people in the elevator.  Last weekend I rode up with a group of young boys who were sweaty from playing basketball and they smelled like warm pennies.  Today, a woman was wearing a perfume that reminded me of my great grandmother.  My dog is partial to sniffing the shoes of every food delivery guy, which apparently smell amazing.